Why You Need an Inspection

A few Home Inspection Findings...

These are very good reasons to have your home inspected by Jayson Savela of Accuspect.

What is in the attic? 
This fireplace vent pipe was leaking smoke into the attic.  Avoid having your place burn down, have your home inspected!

Does your new home have rotten Siding? 
Is your siding supporting fungal growth? Siding is an important aspect of your new investment. Damage can be costly! A home inspection can make you aware of these conditions prior to purchasing your new home.

Do you have foundation cracking or shifting?
Standing water and poor drainage can lead foundation problems.  Excessive moisture can also cause wood rot and wood Destroying Insect infestation. Drainage issues can be extensive and expensive. Know your crawlspace prior to making your purchase!

What is crawling in your walls? 
Termites and Carpenter Ants can destroy the structure of your home. Water leaks can also cause damage and rot.  A home inspection can reveal insect and water damage; identify conditions conducive to infestation and rot. Keep your home from being invaded by unwanted pests and water.

What is the condition of your roof covering?
When was it last inspected? This picture shows where this well-meaning homeowner used welcome mats in an attempt to repair the roof.  The roof is one of the most important components of your home.

The roof structure over your head is important. 
Having a home inspection will identify sagging and damaged roof structure components.  This leak was not enough to wet the ceiling but did cause wood damage and rot.  Wouldn’t you like to know this before you by the home?  A home inspection is important.

What condition is the exposed ductwork?
You don’t want to be heating your crawlspace or attic.  Not only that, an open duct system will allow insects and rodents into your home.  Inspections can save you money!

What's going on in your crawlspace? 
Mice, rats, and other rodents find insulation ideal for nesting. Often, fallen insulation is evidence of rodent activity or insulation too heavy with moisture.

A home inspection can reveal leaks or damage in your plumbing system.
Leaky pipes are a source for rot and wood destroying insect infestation. This picture shows a copper water pipe in contact with a black iron gas pipe.  The dissimilar metals have reacted to each other, the water line is now leaking.

How old or unsafe is the wiring? 
Is knob & tube wiring present? Electrical hazards are very common. This picture is an old home with active and unsafe knob and tube wiring.  Keep your home safe and know what you are up against with a home inspection.

Was your new home built on a rock?
A solid foundation is essential for a safe and quality home.

Well-meaning electrical work? 
This picture shows 3 wires going to one breaker.  Not only that, one of the wires is undersized for the overcurrent protection.  Protect yourself from hazardous conditions, have Accuspect inspect your home!
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